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After five years of intensive research and development, muk Haircare launches muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color – a unique and dynamic range of color that transcends all the boundaries and limits of traditional professional hair colorants.

muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color is the worlds most advanced and complete hybrid hair color system. Pioneering new technologies to create the perfect color, muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color includes HPT – Hybrid Pigment Technology and CTC – Cationic Tri-Plex CompoundTM.

It delivers unsurpassed tone, intensity and longevity, along with luminous shine and hair condition.

With over 103 intermixable hybrid shades, muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color offers an infinite color palette and artistic freedom for the most creative and discerning colorist.

Formulated using almost 80% naturally derived ingredients* and our signature blend of Baobab oil, Avocado oil and Cationic Tri-Plex Compound, muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color cares for your clients and their hair.

* from plants, minerals or water

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Unlike conventional color pigments, the unique hybrid pigment developed by muk Haircare converts and performs based on the muk hybrid developer or lotion used. HPT was engineered to deliver six results from a single color pigment.

muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color also utilises unique cluster pigment technology, allowing micro hybrid pigments to penetrate into the hair with ease and bond together to form large color molecules resulting in unsurpassed vibrancy and longevity.

Hybrid Pigment Technology allows us to utilise some of the lowest ammonia levels in the professional color segment, as little as 0.04%. This ultra-low ammonia level assists to reduce damage to the hair, swelling of the hair shaft and odour.


muk Hybrid Ultra Lift Bleach is designed to produce clean and clear lightening results with up to 9 levels of lift whilst helping to maintain the health and integrity of the hair.

Formulated for use


Offer unlimited coloring options by allowing you to control the unique hybrid pigments, exclusive to muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color.



Baobab oil is harvested from the fruit of the Baobab tree. The Baobab tree grows in the hot arid regions of the African continent and is known to locals as the ‘tree of life’. The Baobab tree typically lives for 500 years and possesses the unique ability to maintain moisture levels during times of long drought. Baobab oil is comprised of a mixture of fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin D.


Avocado oil contains multiple nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, D, E and amino acids, to assist in nourishing and protecting the hair during the color process. The high fat content of avocado oil is perfect for clients with scalp sensitivity. Avocado oil is easily absorbed into the scalp, whilst forming a protective barrier during the coloring process. In addition, avocado oil is a rich source of omega-9 (oleic acid) and aids in reducing redness and skin irritation.


Exclusive to the muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color system is Cationic Tri-Plex Compound – CTC. CTC is produced by blending plant based free-form amino acids in the same proportions as they are found in human hair. Cationic Tri-Plex Compound delivers the closest possible replication of human hair keratin protein into all areas of the hair to help protect, repair and strengthen, whilst accurately and precisely coloring hair with unsurpassed shine and condition. Cationic Tri-Plex Compound has a molecular weight range from 150 to 2,500. The smaller molecules allow deep penetration into the hair shaft helping to reconstruct and increase hair strength during the coloring process; larger molecules develop on the hair surface, assisting as a porosity equaliser resulting in a more even, consistent color result.

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The best way to experience the vibrancy, depth of colour, longevity and condition provided by muk Hybrid Cream Colour is to request a demonstration in your salon from one of our superb educators. Call 0114654370 or email [email protected] to arrange.